Ninutik Maple Sugar started in 2006 as a design exploration with a simple objective: to celebrate our maple syrup heritage through the lens of design, art and sugar making. The Ninutik project grew into a vibrant studio where we boiled pure maple syrup and created elegant gifts for hundreds of clients.

Ten rewarding years have since passed and the time has come to break camp and get back into our canoe.

If you are interested in booking the Sasseh or Maple Taffy on Snow stations, please click here to connect with Mimi Ashi, our talented associate who will be delighted to serve you at her new company Sixty Six Brix. Ninutik is now closed and the gift collection is no longer available for purchase.

We extend sincere and heartfelt thanks to our clients, our dedicated maple syrup producers, the many chefs and artists, our vendors, friends and colleagues. We give thanks to our First Nations brothers and sisters who generously shared their knowledge of harvesting sugar from the maple tree with our ancestors, and utlimately with us. Finally, we thank the sugar maple - the tree of peace and beauty - for the many gifts it brings to all.

Richard Brault and Dianne Croteau - Toronto