Muffin Seat


The Muffin is a fun seat for 3-6 year old kids featuring the ergonomic ‘2 Plane’ geometry developed by Studio Innova in collaboration with Dr. Denise Reid of the University of Toronto.

The Muffin promotes healthy upright posture for children during play. Little consideration is given to the ergonomics of children seats, as most are direct derivatives of an adult chair. The Muffin addresses the young child’s seated posture with a design that embodies playfulness and function.

The 2 Plane seat geometry helps maintain a healthy upright posture while reducing the tendency to slouch. The seat triggers a biomechanical adjustment in the pelvis and spine that results in upright posture without muscle fatigue. Ideal for tasks – drawing, eating, electronic hand held games.

The Muffin accommodates able-bodied children as well as children with certain physical disabilities. Easy to get on and off, promotes good balance and posture.

Four little feet can be added as the child grows to extend the chair's usefulness. Feet are stored neatly under the lid. The belly also serves as a practical storage bin for toys. Many colourful combinations are possible.

The Muffin is available for licence. Please contact us.

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