Actar 911 CPR Training Manikin (1990)


As a CPR instructor for 10 years, I could not be more pleased with this product. It was about time someone developed an efficient, cost-effective alternative to the traditional methods for bringing CPR training to our communities. - Steve Glinke, Paramedic

Actar 911 is a simple training tool that has helped millions of people learn the steps of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). Described as a 'masterpiece of simplicity' the manikin has only 5 components yet it provides all the necessary features to learn the basic steps of rescue breathing and chest compressions.

It's simplicity also made it affordable: a first-aid training organization could acquire from 10 to 30 Actar manikins for the price of one conventional manikin. Instructors could teach everyone together, and students no longer had to share or wait for their turn to practice. Instructors also enjoyed the convenience of carrying 10 manikins in a light, compact bag.

Shortly after its introduction, large community training events with names like 'Save-A-Life-Saturday' were taking place in cities across Canada and the USA where thousands of people were being trained in CPR.

Actar 911 went on to win several awards including the prestigious Canada Award for Business Excellence. The manikin was featured on a stamp issued by Canada Post. In January 07, Actar 911 will be presented alongside other Canadian innovations in a CBC two-hour television special The Greatest Canadian Invention.


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