Ninutik [Maple Sugar]


Maple sugar and syrup are historically, culturally and economically significant to eastern Canada and the northeast United States. Few people know that maple syrup can only be produced during a few short weeks in a single region of the world, making it as prized as the finest olive oils of the Mediterranean countries.

In 2006, Studio Innova created a line of award-winning gift products, from the simply delicious to the highly unique, all featuring handcrafted maple sugar or syrups. Under the name Ninutik - the Ojibwa term for maple sugar - the project gives maple an updated and upscale look, one that leverages the talents of Canadian designers, artists and sugarmakers. In addition, the project brings attention to the importance of our sugar maple forest ecology.

The Ninutik project was created by Richard Brault and Dianne Croteau who brought their personal interest and experience to maple: They made maple syrup for several years on the Niagara Escarpment and in 1997, they designed the official gift of ICSID 97 The Humane Village Congress handcrafted maple sugars wrapped in handmade paper. The success of that gift eventually became the seed behind the Ninutik project.


copyright STUDIO INNOVA 2006