Obusforme Keyboard Platform (2004)
The Obusforme keyboard platform features a patented 'floating mousepad' that slides silently above a PC or Mac keyboard allowing the user to place the mousepad anywhere along the platform for optimum comfort while surfing more

The House of Glass and Colour
An exercise in ecological restoration transforms a damaged building into a delightful award-winning residence in downtown Toronto. more

Actar AED Training System
The arrival of fully-automated external defibrillators (AEDs) prompted many organizations to begin teaching lay people how to use an AED. more

Actar D-fib CPR Manikin
The Actar D-fib training manikin incorporates several new features while retaining the simplicity and affordability that have made Actar manikins a standard in the CPR training industry. more

Actar D-fib Compact 10
Careful consideration was given to ensure the most efficient packing possible. All components are stackable. Minimal weight was another important requirement as many CPR instructors carry their manikins to a client's facility. more

Alcatraz Fruitbowl
Designed by Dianne Croteau and Bruno Lizotte, the Alcatraz frutibowl was awarded an honourable mention in Canada's VIRTU competition and the ID Annual Design Review. more

Solar Array
The installation was one of the first private grid connected systems in the city under a pilot project by Toronto Hydro called Net Billing where surplus energy created by the photovoltaic cells not used by the building would feed back into the utility's electric grid. more

Actar 911 CPR Training Manikin (1990)
Actar 911 is a simple training tool that has helped millions of people learn the steps of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). Described as a 'masterpiece of simplicity' the manikin has only 5 components more

Dura 5 Spineboard (1985)
The Dura 5 was the successor to the Dura 4 and it became our second entrepreneurial project. The fundamental difference between them was our decision to switch more

TAO Orthopedic Knee Support (1984)
Knee pain is one of the most common symptoms experienced by athletes and physically active people. Studio Innova was asked to design a line of neoprene knee supports used in the treatment of 5 ailments. more

Dura 4 spineboard (1983)
This project started as Richard Brault's 4th year thesis project at Carleton University and became Studio Innova’s first entrepreneurial initiative. more

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